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World Numismatic Video on Shah Jahan

This video discusses the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan, and the gold horde that was discovered near the river banks of Akola from the Surat Mint. These rare, high grade coins have an unknown history before being found about forty years ago.

World Numismatic Video on Dutch Lion Daalders

This video is a quick introduction to the Dutch Lion Daalder. Here we briefly discuss its importance as a world trade coin during the 16th and 17th centuries and its fundamental role as one of Americas first dollars.

World Numismatic Video on the Cob Coinage

Here we briefly discuss the various New World mints established under Spanish dominion. This is a short video tutorial discussing a broad variety of topics, including method of manufacture, identification and more.

World Numismatic Video on the Coinage of Alexander

This short video discusses the coinage and history of Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great). A brief overview of the basic coinage types explaining its imagery and meaning.