Graf Zeppelin

An interesting short video presenting facts about the legendary Graf Zeppelin and the commemorative silver medal struck in 1929 for the first world flight of that airship. The obverse shows the profile busts of Count von Zeppelin, Hugo Eckener, and Duerr and its inscription translates as “Zeppelin the creator, Eckener the leader, Duerr the builder”, while the reverse depicts a relief map of the globe with the coarse of the Graf Zeppelin and four locations where the airship went – Friedrichshafen, Lakehurst, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Its inscription translates as “Graf Zeppelin 1st world flight of the airship, 1929”.

Weimar Westfalia 50 Mark

Presenting facts about Weimar Westfalia 50 Mark 1923 Annette von Drofte-Hulsholf notgeld aluminum issue. While certainly not rare, it is nevertheless historically significant and provides a useful glimpse of one of the most turbulent inflation periods of the 20th century.

Overview of hammered coinage

A most interesting video giving an overview of hammered coinage, covering its methods of manufacture and its historical significance as well as presenting its technical shortcomings that resulted in the later adoption of milled coinage.

China “Fat-man” dollar

A fun video providing a quick overview of the famous and popular China “Fat-man” dollar issues of Yuan Shikai and several historical facts about this political figure.

Toning of coins

An instructive video presenting useful information about the toning of coins, their popularity and desirability and basics facts on how to distinguish genuine old patination from artificial toning.

Great Britain 1849 “Godless” Florin

An interesting video presenting a well preserved Great Britain 1849 “Godless” Florin and providing neat bits of information about legendary Queen Victoria and her reign.

Great Britain Edward VII 1902 Half Crown

A colorful video commenting on the Great Britain Edward VII 1902 Half Crown issue and providing interesting facts about that popular monarch.

Scarce Rouble of Peter the Great

A nice entry commenting on a scarce Rouble of Peter the Great dated 1725 while presenting the historical context for that impressive large silver Russian coin.

Ceylon Copper Token

A neat video presenting a Ceylon copper token struck by George Steuart & Co.  and valued at 19 Cents (Prid-96). While showing the “1843” date, this intriguing piece was actually struck in 1881! A perfect example of the little-known historical facts that are often related to private issued tokens.

Shooting Thaler 1883

A most interesting video showing the Switzerland Lugano 5 Francs Shooting Thaler 1883 (Bruce XS-16) issue and providing several bits of information about these popular series.

Mexico “Caballito” 1913 silver Peso

A cool entry discussing a Mexico “Caballito” 1913 silver Peso and presenting several interesting facts about this series, the popularity of which series has recently been revamped by the definitive reference work by Allan Schein.

How to start your own coin collection

A most useful video presenting several introductory tips on how to start your own coin collection and how to develop it.

Modern Palestine series

An introductory video on the highly sought after modern Palestine series, providing a general overview on the coins, metals and denominations used.

Animal-themed Coin Designs

A fun video presenting an introductory glimpse on the animal-themed design on coins, focusing on several popular issues displaying lion(s).

Spanish Colonial Manila Mint

A neat entry presenting the historical background of the Spanish Colonial Manila mint in the Philippines and its issues of the late 19th century, including the popular Alfonso XIII silver pesos.

 Food and Agricultural Organization

An interesting video presenting an historical overview of the popular Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (F.A.O.) commemorative issues.

Shah Jahan

This video discusses the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan, and the gold horde that was discovered near the river banks of Akola from the Surat Mint. These rare, high grade coins have an unknown history before being found about forty years ago.

Dutch Lion Daalders

This video is a quick introduction to the Dutch Lion Daalder. Here we briefly discuss its importance as a world trade coin during the 16th and 17th centuries and its fundamental role as one of Americas first dollars.

Cob Coinage

Here we briefly discuss the various New World mints established under Spanish dominion. This is a short video tutorial discussing a broad variety of topics, including method of manufacture, identification and more.

Coinage of Alexander

This short video discusses the coinage and history of Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great). A brief overview of the basic coinage types explaining its imagery and meaning.