• Fourth Edition
  • 254 Pages
  • English
  • Soft Cover
  • B&W Photos and Line Drawings

First published in 1987, the book has been re-released three times, most recently in a 20th Anniversary edition (4th edition) published in 2007. An essential guide and reference work for divers and shipwreck enthusiasts, this book offers information that is not readily available or only available after searching many reference works or auction catalogs. This book covers the mints, assayers, styles, and types of “treasure coins” from the period 1536 at the Mexico City Mint until 1773, the end of cob-type coins minted at the Potosí Mint in Bolivia. In addition it has a section that goes over each of the most famous treasure wrecks of all time including the Atocha, the Spanish 1715 Fleet and many others.