Color Re-Print of Grove Vol 1!

ISBN: 979-8-9888531-1-4
Format: 8.5×11, Softcover, 216 pages
Publication date: Dec 28th 2023

Frank Grove s herculean lifetime effort to catalogue the medals of Mexico has stood the test of time, remaining the standard reference for collectors, auctioneers and graders for over 50 years. Medal collecting has surged in popularity, but being out-of-print, his books have become increasingly unobtainable for new collectors. Since the advent of the internet, many previously un-photographed medals have also come to light. Some are so rare that Grove never saw them in person, having to copy hand-drawn sketches from prior works by Medina and Herrera. This 3rd edition updates the reader with hundreds of high resolution color images from recent auctions and aims to give new collectors an insight into this wonderful area of Mexican history.

Volume 1 available now! The standard reference for Mexican colonial medals
Also incorporating issues from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador
The standard reference used by grading companies and major auction houses
200+ color images replace grainy black and white photos and sketches
A new tribute obituary to Frank Grove