• 163 Pages, in Spanish
  • Soft Cover
  • B&W Photos and Line Drawings

In the War for Independence series, few original sources have been published since the pioneering works of A. Pradeau, and most contributions have been limited to the discoveries of new specimens. The present work is a welcome exception to this rule, since it provides highly important documentation related to a key series, that of the Provisional de Valladolid Mint. Notably, the reason for the issuance of three different types has been finally explained, together with the release of valuable information related to the identity of the assayers’ initials that appear on the coins. In addition, some light is shed upon the P.d. V. “blank” issues, and the PdV countermark that has been linked to these coins. And, last but not least, we finally have mintage figures for these issues. As such, even though the average collector may never acquire a specimen of the Provisional de Valladolid coinage, it should definitely be recommended to him that he acquires a copy of Villanueva’s monography.