Meet Our New Team Members

Sanjay Gandhi joined the World Numismatics team in May. Prior to that, Sanjay ran his own numismatic business since 2011. His interest in buying and collecting coins began at the tender age of nine with concentration in modern and world coins, particularly rare condition coins. With the assistance of Kent and Carlos, Sanjay is rapidly learning other areas of numismatics with enthusiasm. He will be an active buyer and cataloger. Sanjay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing from Penn State University. He enjoys tennis, billiards, volleyball, golf and writing, all while adjusting to the Arizona temperatures with grace and humor.

Ross Bruce is a native of Southern California whose interests in numismatics stem from his studies in historical subjects. After serving in the U.S. Army he pursued an education in history and received a BA from San Diego State University in 2012. He is an avid collector of Imperial Russian coins – an interest that sparked off after working as a cataloger for Stacks Bowers (2014-2016). He was then hired to work at World Numismatics in 2016 and conducts many of the responsibilities and tasks that make for the inner workings of the company such as shipping and receiving, internet sales, eBay orders, and website imaging to name a few. Ross enjoys travelling, a pursuit that has taken him to many countries in North America, Europe Asia, and even the Middle East. He now resides in Phoenix.